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a synchronicity

a large awakening

a bigger experience

a convergence of cosmic

coordination, many things

coming together to create

a collapse within

the psyche

imploding, and then

the mind just not working,

not able to think,

thoughts were ...


a... part

broken... thoughts ...

images.. broken... thoughts

sitting down

in meditation

the entire psyche


nothing to

do to



an explosion of

energy, an eruption

up through, white light,

like a upward rushing

waterfall of light and

a feeling of gladness

of happiness

of wellness

of clarity

30 minutes later

which felt like actually

a really long time but was

only 30 minutes, the mind is

fine, much more clarity, much

more chest forward,

no more fear

what has been

leading up to this,

how controlling and

anxious and afraid, like

it was a surprise to see

this, that's what has

also been seen

perhaps awakening has utility

even if it doesn't change our day to day,

but one also looks to see how this changes

the day to day in a practical

and applicable way

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