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there is no creating a trustless

protocol, currency, economy, society

every time you get on the road, you trust

other drivers, you trust the lights at intersections,

you trust the engineering in buildings you enter,

you trust

the question isn't, can we create something

where nobody has to be trusted

the question is, who do we

select to trust

follow up questions we might ask are,

how do we select them and what constraints

are in place to guide them

current popular practices of selection

through election suffer from disparities in

information, the uninformed are swayed by

marketing and sound bits to make decisions

with the gravest of consequences

the game then is not about whether or not

an individual is qualified and fit for service

but rather how adept they are at presentation

and persuasion, aka, politics

why is there no measure of integrity and

of moral development to be a leader

why is there no measure of moral development

and prosocial orientation

why is there no measure of an individual's

knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom

why is there no measure of an individual's

emotional intelligence

to lead the most powerful nation on earth

or to be a steward of any group of people

it should be an imperative to find the most

competent individuals for the task

this is not a selection process we should leave

to the uninformed and the manipulations of

media persuasion

those who are going to guide us

should be specifically chosen through

a rigorous selection process with clearly

measurable criteria

there is no escaping relationship

trust and stewardship are intrinsic

to being human

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