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the soul's balance

spring equinox

the time of (almost) equal balance

of night and day points us to some potent

lessons that we can embrace

through nature’s magnetic

and bright expression

most clearly

we see nature

around us growing back

following it’s dying back

after the dark cold

of winter, the insulation

and inward time, we are still


it's almost unbelievable

that everything starts to enliven

all around us again

after the silence

and stillness

of winter

nature performs

an absolute miracle

as it grows through the dirt

of our own souls sending messages

for growth and new life

all around us

and within us all

are the seeds of


but did you know

for a seed to achieve

it’s greatest expression

the shell cracks and it becomes

totally undone and turns

wholly into something


the mind boggles

at the forces of nature

so vast, we can never fully

understand this phenomenon

of which we are and which asks us,

can we trust miracles, can we trust

in that which we do not


can we trust that

when it is so dark

and so cold, and we

feel so alone, and broken

and flawed, and scared,

can we trust that spring

will once again come,

and life will bloom


logic is easy

beauty and the majesty

of our mysterious existence

is what feeds our souls

paraphrased from my friend Larissa Czuchnowsky

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