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the problem with being a billionaire

Updated: May 17, 2022

the problem with being a billionaire

is that you will live in the best places

that money can buy, you will hire the

best chefs that can be hired, you will

build relationships with the best people

you can find, and still there will be

this discontent within you;

still, you can only be at one of your

gorgeous houses at a time; still, you

can only eat so many pork-butt tacos

with mole sauce; still, you will have to

exercise and sweat and pant to work off

that chocolate ganache cake and the

popcorn you ate while watching a movie

that was only mediocre, and that

everyone else in the world

can watch also;

this is the problem

with being a billionaire

you will even have challenges in your

personal relationships, and even a

burrito that you got from a taqueria

rated 4.9 stars in laguna beach, and

which you will eat on your private jet

as you fly to your house on the cliffs

of the french riviera, even that burrito

will still just be a burrito

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