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The Path of Truth - poem

the path of truth

in a world filled with

illusion. we become more

sensitive. we see more clearly.

we sense more fully. we listen

more carefully. we look more

closely. suffering and the end of

suffering. more happiness. the

inexplicable. synchronicities and

coincidences. frequency, meaning,

and timing. the way the trees,

their trunks, emerge from

the earth.

this is not about

being indifferent and

passive. acceptance isn't

apathy. it's about being

more specific and

more proactive

more clear

more effective

moving forward

driving for change

doing what you can do

rowing to where you can row

you ask

where does this road go?

opening to the mystery of

everything. aren't you

curious to find out?

I'm curious

to discover what

can be discovered

it can be hard

to have confidence

it leads somewhere.

this is the path of truth.

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