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The Four Noble Truths of The Buddha

change is possible

that is as good of a summary,

as any, of the the four noble truths

of the buddha, change is possible

you can build a better life

one - dhukka

there is unsatisfactoriness

in life, often this is thought of

as suffering, though it could be

just as easily thought of as

discontent, dissatisfaction,

ennui, some longing for

things to be different

two - samudaya

the origin, the arising, the cause

of dhukka is the way we want things

to be different and feel the need to

control and make things different

this is the cause of dhukka, our

taṇhā, our craving for things

to be different, our desire

for things to be different

our attachment to

things being


three - nirodha

the cessation of dhukka is

possible, the ending of dukkha can be

realized by releasing and letting go

of this taṇhā

four - marga

there is a path to

the cessation of dhukka

you can build a better life

change is possible

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