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the existence which is you

let's contemplate the obvious

and the overlooked, understanding

that your life has an unfolding of conditioning,

of circumstances and conditions which have come together

to create the existence which is you: an infinite, unknowable

number of conditions which have converged to create

the existence which is you

like an entire universe, the entire universe

has had to come into existence for you to exist

and this world, this planet, which rests like a jewel

of blue against the jeweler's cloth of the black night

sky scattered as if with the dust of so many diamonds,

the stars sparkling in the sky, this jewel of a planet

had to come into existence, before you emerged

the existence which is you

when measured by scientists, in the ways

in which they measure things, 4.543 billion years,

that's how long it took, 4,543 million years, for this planet

to go through a transformation, to go from a molten ball of lava,

to go from a primordial soup with single-cell organisms, to evolve

into fish, and then into creatures on land, and then into you

this is what has had to occur for "you" to become

the existence which is you

circling a ball of fire in the sky, 1.3 million times larger

than this planet on which we ride, the sun, the center of our

universe, continuously burning despite the fact that there is no

oxygen in space, and everything we know about fire here on earth

is that fire needs oxygen to burn, all of this occurring on a galactic scale

as we hurtle through space at 67,000 miles per hour, circling around this

ball of fire, while simultaneously spinning at 1,000 miles per hour, this is how

our days our created, this is how our lives were created,

this is what had to occur and has to occur, for

the existence which is you

on a galactic scale, celestial, without beginning nor end

that we can perceive, a phenomenon so vast it is beyond our perception,

beyond our comprehension, how something can exist without ever having begun,

and if it did begin, then what did it begin into, this ball of fire which is the sun

bringing warmth to the cauldron of life which is our planet, onto which you

have emerged, all of this and so much more which we do not understand

having had to occur to give rise, to give rise, to give rise to

the existence which is you

so cavalier, we have been, taking so much for granted,

and complaining so easily about such petty gripes, when

an apple alone is enough to boggle one's consciousness

and to bring one fully weeping to one's knees, in wonderment

and gratitude for the existence which has been given to each of us,

for the existence that has defied all probability

in giving rise to these words, for

the existence which is you

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