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solstice of soul

this has been

one of my most

humbling years and

one of the years in which

i have grown the most

because when you are

humbled, when you see

the ways in which you are

falling short, and have fallen

short, then, in that seeing,

you naturally grow

you see how you are not

doing something as well as

you could be doing it, and you

are motivated to do it better,

to change, to grow, to iterate,

to improve, to evolve, you

like the rest of nature are

always a process in

transition, growing,

changing, improving,

iterating, evolving

it is the seeing

that changes us

when we see ourselves

and reality more clearly

this seeing changes us because

we now know the terrain in which

we find ourselves, and which we are,

we now see it and know it more clearly

and so we can navigate it more skillfully

gaining clarity

has shown me this

how to build a better life

how to live a better life

how to have a better life

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