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Release The Addiction - poem

part of what liberates us

from concern of what others

think is knowing thinking can be

so crazy

experientially seeing that

seeing how crazy thought

can make people

how crazy

they have been

for us

releasing all crazy thinking

yours and others

others and yours

because we can create

our own hell worrying about

other people

we can obsess


"what do they think of me"

"look at what they did to me"

we can stew in anger

and hatred and fantasies

of revenge

we cannot realize our

fullest potential, not fully

express ourselves

"what will they think of me"

we can give ourselves

anxiety and fear, unnecessarily so

"will they attack me, reject me"

"what will they think of me"

release the fear

release the crazy thinking

in yourself and

in others

let us release our addiction to thought

let us give thought less credence

both our own thoughts

and the thoughts of others

let us rest in being

let us trust ourselves more

let us accept ourselves more

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