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of all the wonders

Updated: May 16, 2022

the seven seas, the eiffel tower,

a sunset at uluwatu, the swiss alps,

the matterhorn, big sur, san francisco,

a walk through the woods, a boat ride

along the eastern seaboard, hawaii,

the napali coast, parrot fish, and eagles

soaring on the wind off victoria island

not to mention the rockies, or italy, or

the mona lisa, or leonardo da vinci's david,

or the sistine chapel, or even the pope, or

those high-holy priests of rock-n-roll, bono,

elvis, john lennon, the beatles, the stones

sky scrapers, malaysia, vietnam, angkor wat,

and other heritage sites, or even just a really

good croissant and a warm cappuccino

on a cool paris morning

none of these compare to you, i am

so grateful for you, of all the wonders

of the world, you are my favorite

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