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love, love, a deluge of love

to want what can be

the soft rose petals of

this existence as you come

to me and unfold like so many

raindrops caressing my skin

in the warm afternoon showers

of our existence

sometimes this path can be

really challenging, and difficult,

and hard, and arduous, and whatever

other synonyms you want

just add them in there

because you were my savior

the savior that i didn't know i believed in

from a religion that i didn't know existed

and a congress that i can now only think of

as love, love, a deluge of love baptizing me

in your grace and your divinity

and renewing me in your

wellspring of existence

as you become more conscious,

what you become conscious of is all

of that stuff which previously was unconscious,

which previously you didn't want to look at, which

previously you were in denial of, or you were ignoring,

or you had delusions or illusions and fantasies to distract

you from looking at, something to which you were unconscious

that's what you were unconscious too before

with surprise you look back on your life

in wonderment and gratitude and appreciation

for the power of growth and transformation, and

the love that unexpectedly came into your life

and the good fortune which you had to

somehow find the courage to say "yes"

and let it in

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