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the architecture of humanity leaves us in this strange place where we spend our time staring at glowing screens as we ride the city bus, or wait for a cappuccino, or measure out yet another spoonful of our lives, searching for something as of yet undetermined we wile away another evening checking social media, balancing the books, paying the bills, and writing email inquiries for piano lessons for the kids, the exuberance of existence slowly draining from our souls then we watch a video of one potential piano teacher blonde and beautiful and early twenties, australian, the way he talks, and like he just stepped off the beach, the way he looks, just breaking all of the stereotypes except one, this one, drinking an entire yard of beer and then screaming with exultant joy at the ceiling of some bar as if he just discovered the anecdote for all ennui a joie de' vivre, lost long ago somewhere between the stacks of books and the remedial inanity of humanity which includes

your own lackluster career and how you find yourself

wondering late at night about our future

as a species while the complexity of life keeps swirling forward as if just in that one drink, that australian piano teacher showed you everything you never learned or have somehow forgotten

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