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just begin

get on the trail and start walking

you won't have all of the answers before you begin, but begin anyhow

the desire to know everything before you begin is a pitfall

it is impossible to account for everything before you begin

you will figure out your adventure as you live it

it can take courage to embark into the unknown, but embark anyhow

it can take courage to leave that which is familiar, but leave anyhow

sail onto those seas of uncertainty

there will be challenges

there will be storms, trials, and tribulations

but this is what it means to be on an adventure

a ship at port is safe, but that is not what ships are for

this is what it means to consciously build your own life

don't make the mistake of being confined in a prison of fear

don't make the mistake of waiting for clarity

live the questions now so that you can live your way to the answers

once you have a destination and a direction, begin

go on the journey, put in the effort, venture forth

towards a better and more skillful life

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