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how to meditate

I want you to think of meditating as sitting on the toilet.

Sometimes these analogies help people understand meditation.

When you sit on the toilet, you give yourself time and space just to be. You are relaxing and you are allowing. You are letting a process unfold. You are no longer rushing in the physical world to get to some place. You are sitting still.

Sometimes people have a similar experience, people can have a similar experience in the shower. Standing under a warm shower, they relax. They're no longer in a rush to get somewhere, in the physical world. They are enjoying where they are. They are feeling a sensuous quality. They are feeling, they are sensing, they are feeling a sensuous quality. They are feeling their body. They are enjoying where they're at.

In the same way, in meditation, we sit still. We relax. We enjoy. We allow. We give ourselves the time and the space to see what wants to emerge. To unfold.

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