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Generational Inheritance - poem

if someone has

the victim mentality

until they learn to be

free from that mentality

they will see situations in

that way, as if they are the

victim, as if they are powerless

and they will find and tolerate

situations where they are powerless

and where they are the victim

if someone has

an injustice mentality

they will see things being

done to them and others

which are not just

there are so many

mentalities of which we

are asked to be aware

of which we are asked

to determine consciously

if they are skillful

conditioning has momentum

and takes time to shift

forgiveness and compassion

for yourself and others

we learned this, or we didn't

learn this, and then we traveled

forward, until we learned this

what was taught, and what was not

taught to us, we learn to teach

to ourselves, with conscious

awareness, we see this

you are not your fault

and you will be held accountable

for your actions

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