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feeling alive

fall is here but i do not give up on life

i know there is a rejuvenation, i can see it

in the dew on the grass which is cold on my

bare feet, i can feel it in the freshness of the air

and the early morning sun which is golden and

sublime coming through the needles of pines,

my walk to the pool from my friend's house

where i have stayed is delicate and balanced

and beautiful, the waters are cold and i stand

on the first step for a moment before going to

the second, and then the third, and then walking

ever deeper into the waters which take my

breath away until i am then breaststroking through

the liquid divine shimmering translucence,

invigorating me

i go back and forth in the pool

as the sun rises and the birds sing

feeling alive

then when i drive to work,

the morning is in full bloom and

i listen to singh kaur sing about this universe

with such beauty it astounded me the first time

i heard it and i just laid on the floor in the living room

of a house owned by another friend, i just laid there

on the floor saying it's so beautiful, it's so beautiful,

it's so beautiful

this song plays now as i drive to work

and pass people walking along the street

where i first lived after i was born,

passing the memories which are so many,

passing the home where i spent my

first six years before dropping into

the curriculum of this existence

should we stop learning?

should we stop growing?

should we say to ourselves enough

and then consume our average allotment

of television, those five hours

wasted on the couch?

or should we get up early,

should we walk across the cool grass wet with dew,

should we tread into the cold waters of a pool that

most have left for the fall and the winter, should we

seek out the beautiful music and the friendships

and the health and the perspectives that allow us

to know, really know this gift that we have been given?

what is the alternative?

there are none when you see it like this

you have to rise and embrace life

and be filled with love and gratitude

for all that you have been given

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