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endlessly to you

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

your body

which gave birth

to our children and

which we once referred to

as having an apartment

for each of our kids

i can still remember

the majesty of that architecture

how unexpected and bulbous and

large your belly became, so taut,

filling with the love and joy that

you were helping bring into

the world

i still remember

how you found me,

sad and lonely, then

brought that love and joy

which is you into my life,

like only the best of gamblers

could - those who believe

in remote possibilities

of what can be

i remember.

with some lament

you speak to me of

what your body was like,

compared to what it is now,

a mom's body

i look at you and see

only beauty, and tell you so.

your body is like a miracle to me,

like an amusement park, like a drug

that i can never get enough of

like a junky

i return endlessly

to you

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