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we find ourselves

amidst the fog that

blows in off the coast,

in a coffee shop waiting

for some arrival, of someone

who should have been there

from the very beginning

a long, sad, slow

melancholy within us

that we didn't even know

was there, this is what

we discover

there is an emptiness

when you come to where

you were, and see it

for what it is


that you didn't even know

to ask, arise unbidden

in retrospect

a vista

you're astounded

you didn't see before

unveils itself: to who

you were

how could

something so simple

be so overlooked

just to love

your child

so many

relationships nurtured

at the expense, of the one,

who came from you

now you see it,

and you know, and

you live with the emptiness,

and you grow

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