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all too true redux

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

last night as I was driving to costco

to pick up some groceries and something

to take over to my friend's house, because

they had invited me to dinner

and also I was going to costco to

return something that I no longer needed

and I got off the freeway and I was coming up

to the stoplight at blackstone and herndon where

I once had a job 35 years ago at a restaurant there,

washing dishes, and there were these beautiful white clouds,

on the horizon, so puffy and gorgeous and brilliantly white, just radiant,

and behind them the sun was setting so that the edges of these clouds

were lined with a golden light, a golden light, a golden golden golden light

and then in costco, the young man who helped me with my return,

he had a tattoo across his forearm in very large scrolling cursive letters

that said PROLIFIC, and when I asked him about it, and why he'd gotten

that tattoo, he said it was because of an artist that he liked, a musician who'd

come out of a hard neighborhood with a lot of gangs and had become

a famous rapper, and then he'd gone back to his neighborhood to help

and somebody shot him dead, maybe because they were jealous

and so this young man at costco who was helping me with my return,

he'd gotten this tattoo on his arm to remember this rapper that he liked,

and because I had my bose headphones with me, I looked up the rapper

and listened to his music while I shopped through costco and while

I didn't like what was being said, I really liked how it was being said,

I really liked the feel and the vibe and the rhythm and the bass

and the calming soothing syncopations of this rapper's tunes

and so there I was, a guy in his 50s,

picking up a pineapple and getting some bananas,

and a bag of popcorn and some pasta sauce and some noodles,

and listening to this hardcore rap and grooving my way

through this amazing life where we're given

so many gifts and so many blessings, every day,

and so often we don't even realize it

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