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Learn to meditate


build a better life
The Heart Mind Way community uses meditation to become more skilful in all areas of life.

The Heart Mind Way

Growth is the essence of life. Trees grow, flowers grow, and so too you are meant to grow. This growth can be cultivated and accelerated. The Heart Mind Way teaches you to use the tool which is the mind more skillfully. Using the mind more skillfully, and balancing that with the heart, will help you in all areas of your life.

Image by Jon Flobrant

Learn To Meditate

One of the ways we build a more skillful life is with meditation. Meditation makes you more effective at everything you do. Meditation allows you to more fully realize your potential. Meditation empowers you to build a better life.

Beyond the different types of meditation, beyond the divisions of different forms, there is a common purpose to all effective meditation. The underlying purpose of all effective meditation is to

  • Cultivate balance between the mind and the heart; between thinking and feeling; between doing and being; between controlling and allowing, accepting, loving, flowing.

  • Gain more presence in everything you do, showing up more fully for your life.

  • Realize more focus and become more effective at everything you do.

  • Master the power of choice, the only place freedom is ever found.

  • Acquire the skill of relaxation because we are more effective when we are relaxed.

  • Gain the skill of resting in stillness and silence, becoming comfortable with uncertainty, flowing with the rhythms of life, realizing more of your potential, and tapping into the limitless creative power of existence.

  • Master the art of doing nothing and learn the essence of your true nature.

The Heart Mind Way shows you how to open to who you are, trust who you are, realize more happiness and meaning, build a more effective life, and live with more love.

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