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The Heart Mind Way community uses meditation to become more skilful in all areas of life.


Growth is the essence of life. Trees grow, flowers grow, and so too you are meant to grow. This growth can be cultivated and accelerated. In the Heart Mind Way, we focus on using the tool which is the mind more skillfully. Using the mind more skillfully, and balancing that with the heart, helps you in all areas of life: social, emotional, & financial. The Heart Mind Way is devoted to helping everyone live more fully. Using theory and practice, together we improve our lives.

Meditation leads to insight, awakening, and enlightenment.

Theory and Practice

​The Heart Mind Way helps all of us live more skillfully. 


To become more skillful is to increase happiness and decrease suffering for ourselves and others. This is a fundamental first principle. When you become more skillful, you become more skillful at everything you do. 


Cultivating conscious awareness is a large part of this path. When we see more clearly, we make more skillful decisions and take more skillful actions. Picture a hiker in the woods. If the hiker is in a fog, they will run into things; they will trip over rocks; they may even walk off a cliff. When you see clearly, you can more skillfully navigate where you are going. You can move forward more skillfully.


To become more skillful, we dedicate ourselves to seeing more clearly. We devote ourselves to discovering the truth. We learn to think independently. We search for insights into what it means to be human, and into how we can live more skillfully. We gain insights from the world's wisdom traditions including the wisdom traditions of academia and scientific research. We seek the help of experts. We learn to ask for help, to receive help, and to help others. We develop our own moral code. We gain clarity on what we value. We prioritize our values, align with our values, and build lives which we value. We take full responsibility for our lives. We strengthen our focus. We become more effective. We experiment, we discover, and we fail forward. We become more successful. We become happier. We realize more contentment and peace. 


We cultivate balance between the mind and the heart; between thinking and feeling; between doing and being; between controlling and allowing, accepting, loving, and flowing. 


In brief, we learn to build a more skillful life, and we build it.


One of the significant ways we cultivate clarity and skillfulness is with meditation. Meditation is about becoming more clear, more powerful, and more effective. Meditation is about more clearly knowing what you want, and more effectively going after it and getting it.


Building a more skillful life is our goal. Living more skillfully is our goal. Realizing greater success in all aspects of life is our goal. The Heart Mind Way focuses upon what it means to be human and how to live more skillfully. We discover and learn theory, then apply it in our lives.


We enjoy where we are, while we're going somewhere better.

Welcome to the Heart Mind Way.

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